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2017 Fishing Derby Results

Category Winner Length Weight
Longest Trout – Age 7 & Under
    1st Place  Colten Redle  20″ 3lb 9oz
    2nd Place  Wren Ciravlo  16″ 1lb 9oz
    3rd Place  Brooke Tessier  15″  1lb 7oz
Longest Trout – Age 8 – 14
    1st Place  Brodie Yake  18.5″  2lb 0oz
    2nd Place  Rylee Daniel  18″ 2lb 7.5oz
    3rd Place  Hudson Newman  18″ 2lb 2.75oz
Most Trout Caught – 7 & Under
    1st Place  Shawn Dobbins
    2nd Place  Chris Blackhurst
    3rd Place  Kayden Gates
Most Trout Caught – 8 to 14
    1st Place  Carson Newman
    2nd Place  Gage Langstead
    3rd Place  Braden Newman
Biggest Fish Other Than Trout  Johanna Yake  11.5″  15oz
First Trout on Shore  Samantha Kockrian  14.5″ 1lb 1oz
First Trout on a Boat  Dillon Penner  15″ 1lb 4oz
Smallest Fish  Leon Tessier  6″ 2oz
Strangest Critter  Haleigh Cameron  Sunfish