Park Kitchen/Shelter Reservation

Property owners and residents may reserve the park kitchen shelter for family reunions, picnics, etc., with a paid reservation fee of $50.00. Arrangements must be made with the Scott Lake Maintenance office at least one week prior to the event. Reservations are on a first come basis for the specified date. Only one reservation for each date will be approved. Failure to follow the reservation requirements and park rules will forfeit future use of the park kitchen shelter.

The park kitchen shelter is available to use for property owners and residents. However, if the shelter has been reserved and a reservation notice is posted, the individual or family listed on the reservation has priority for use.

The following rules apply:

  • Priority will be given to official Scott Lake events like the Scott Lake Kids Fishing Derby. Reservations beginning at 2:00 p.m. and later on the Fishing Derby day will be considered. Final approval for this date will be made by a representative from the SLAMS, sponsors of the Fishing Derby.
  • A reservation does not include the exclusive use of the swimming area beach, playgrounds, docks, boat ramp, parking or private use of the water connections.
  • A reservation includes the shelter, tables, BBQ grills next to the shelter, power outlets, and use of the shelter trash cans. Trash cans must be available for use by others in the swimming area.
  • All food items, trash, and decorations must be removed at the end of the event.
  • Persons making a reservation request must provide, and have available at all times during the event, proof of Scott Lake residency and picture identification.
  • A valid credit card for damage to the park, kitchen shelter, buildings or equipment must be provided at the time of making the reservation. Information needed is name on credit card, credit card number, expiration date, and security code on back of credit card.
  • All other park rules will apply.

If any gathering will exceed 25 persons and the rental/reservation fee has not been paid, prior approval for use of the park must be obtained by the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office. Notification is not for the benefit of the user and is not a reservation. Knowing who is having the event gives a contact name and phone number in the event there are issues at the park and/or kitchen shelter areas. It also allows for additional resources for trash and bathroom services to be available. Only paid reservations will have guaranteed use of the park shelter.

No weapons of any kind are allowed. “No Weapons” signs are placed in a number of locations in the park. Games that may endanger bystanders are not allowed. Baseball may be played only at the baseball playfield by the community center.

Gas powered passenger vehicles and all golf carts are NOT allowed in the park, except by persons authorized by the Scott Lake Maintenance Company for playground equipment repairs, lawn and building maintenance, and disposing of trash. Bicycles are allowed in the park.

Swim at your own risk. A lifeguard is NOT on duty. Adult supervision is encouraged for all children under the age of 14.

Dogs must be on a leash. Dog waste must be picked up and disposed of appropriately. Doggy bag dispensers are provided by the bathrooms and tennis court. Dogs are not allowed in the swim area waters. Dogs are allowed in the water from other lake side areas.

The Scott Lake boat ramp is for the exclusive use of property owners or property residents. Access to the Scott Lake boat ramp is controlled by a locked cable. A key to the lock is available at the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office for a one-time cost of $40. Lost keys will cost $100 to replace. Keys may not be duplicated or loaned. Any key holder who loans their key to a non-resident shall lose their boat ramp privileges for up to one year from the date of occurrence. If they repeat loaning their key to a non-resident, they may permanently lose their privileges. The boat ramp gate must be closed and locked after each boat has been launched. Please contact your SLMC office at 360 352 4787 or to procure a key to the boat launch.