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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Scott Lake Maintenance Company a Homeowners’ Association?

A: Yes. Scott Lake Maintenance Company (SLMC) is and has been Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and files a form 1120-H with the Internal Revenue Service.

Q: What is the difference between the Board of Trustees meetings and the Homeowners’ Association meeting?

A: Board of Trustees meetings are for the elected Board of Trustees to conduct the regular and ongoing business of the Association. These meetings are open to property owners for observation. There is also a public comment section on the agenda for each Board of Trustees meeting giving a designated opportunity for property owners to address the board. Homeowners’ Association meetings are for all property owners to receive the new budget, hear reports and discuss items of common interest which pertain to the Association. Property owners are asked to participate in the action taken at HOA meetings.

Q: Is there bleach in my drinking water? Why does it sometimes have a strong odor?

A: No. Scott Lake Maintenance Company does not put bleach in the water. Our water system uses chlorination as a means to disinfect and prevent bacteria from entering and spreading in the water system. Chlorination is commonly used in most all drinking water systems throughout North America. Chlorine levels are tested and reported in accordance with Washington State Department of Health requirements and regulations. More information about chlorination can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website or the Washington State Department of Health website.

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