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Board Committees

The following are standing advisory committees of the Board of Trustees. All committees work with the Executive Secretary to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees to conduct the business of the Scott Lake Maintenance Company. Ad Hoc or Project Committees may be created from time to time.

Architecture & Compliance

The Architecture & Compliance Committee is responsible for reviewing reports on issues relating to compliance with the Protective Covenants and other rules. This committee will review permit applications for construction and complaints of compliance violations. This committee is responsible for proposing updates to the protective covenants and rules. 


The Executive Committee consists of the Board Officers. This committee has the authority to review major or emergent issues that the company faces and make decisions for discussion and ratification at the next full board meeting. This committee meets for various operational oversight matters and project prioritization. 


The Finance Committee is responsible for financial oversight of the company. This committee will work on financial planning, budget development, audits, and all matters relating to company finances to ensure continued solvency. 


The Governance Committee is responsible for board self-assessment, new member orientation, and board succession planning. This committee is responsible for proposing updates to the bylaws.


The Water Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulations relating to ownership and operation of the Scott Lake Water System. This committee is responsible for planning long-term major system component replacement needs. This committee is responsible for proposing updates to the water system rules.