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Our board members do a lot! In addition to handling the administrative duties of standard neighborhood maintenance, each board member is also the chairman of one of the neighborhood committees.


The chairman of this committee will receive applications for Building Permits for any type of new construction or installation that may vary from standard setbacks.  If the chairman is not available, other members of the committee may also process applications.  Mobile and manufactured homes may be required to be inspected off-site before being approved for installation.

Budget & Finance

Members may meet annually to assist the Executive Secretary in preparation of the annual budget.


The chairperson of this committee report to the Board of Trustees monthly activities for the following clubs:

  • Garden Club
  • Happy Feet Play Group
  • Scott Lake Association of Men (SLAMs)
  • HERS Club

New clubs can seek approval from the Scott Lake Board of Trustees.

Communications & Web

Description coming soon!

Community Center

Members are asked to observe conditions in the Community Center for needed improvements or repairs.  Members may recommend improvements or repairs to the Board of Trustees for spending approval.  Members may recommend changes in the rules and policy for the use and rental of the Community Center to the Board of Trustees.

Community Rules

Description coming soon!


Members are asked to observe conditions in the Park for needed improvements of repairs.  Members may recommend improvements or repairs to the Board of Trustees for spending approval.  Members may recommend changes in the rules for the use of the Park to the Board of Trustees.

Property Compliance

The Executive Secretary may report property complaints to members for their observation and report back to the Executive Secretary whether a written request should be made to the property owner for action.  Members may also recommend referral of more serious conditions to the appropriate County agency.  Members may also choose to work directly with County officials based on their observations and direct contact with residents.  Members may also make their own personal observations of property conditional without the need for written complaints and request Office assistance in writing letters.  All actions should be documented so as to build cases that may lead to ciil action or referral to County agencies.


Members may work with Pacific Coast Security or the Thurston County Sheriff’s office on any matters of security.  The Scott Lake Patrol appears to have disbanded, at least for now.  Speedwatch lacks volunteers.  Members may choose to organize community meetings to encourage community participation or to provide education and information.


Members may be asked to observe any water system leaks reported by customers to determine the severity of any leak and to recommend how the leak may be reported to Washington Water Service Company for repair.  Members may choose to become more familiar with all of the components of the water system so as to have a working knowledge in order to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees when necessary.