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2018 Fishing Derby Results

Category Winner
Longest Trout – Age 7 & Under
    1st Place Sophia Searl
    2nd Place Kayden Gutes
    3rd Place Colin Plott
Longest Trout – Age 8 – 14
    1st Place John Hart
    2nd Place Shawn Dobbins
    3rd Place Rylee Daniel
Most Trout Caught – 7 & Under
    1st Place  Shawn Dobbins
    2nd Place  Chris Blackhurst
    3rd Place  Kayden Gates
Most Trout Caught – 8 to 14
    1st Place  Carson Newman
    2nd Place  Gage Langstead
    3rd Place  Braden Newman
Biggest Fish Other Than Trout Coen Reaves
First Trout on Shore Colin Plott
First Trout on a Boat Duane Rants
Smallest Fish Braden Newman
Strangest Critter Bonnie Gilbreath