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Boat Ramp Access


The Scott Lake boat ramp is for the exclusive use of property owners or property residents. Access to the Scott Lake boat ramp is controlled by a locked cable. A key to the lock is available at the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office for a one-time cost of $40. Lost keys will cost $100 to replace. Keys may not be duplicated or loaned. Any key holder who loans their key to a non-resident shall lose their boat ramp privileges for up to one year from the date of occurrence. If they repeat loaning their key to a non-resident, they may permanently lose their privileges. The boat ramp gate must be closed and locked after each boat has been launched.

Scott Lake property owners or resident renters must sign an agreement to abide by the following rules:

  1. I will not attempt to duplicate this key and will retain it only for my own personal use.
  2. If I should lose this key, I understand that I will only be issued a replacement key upon the payment of a $100.00 replacement fee.
  3. I agree to return this key to the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office at any point that I am no longer a Scott Lake property owner or resident within the Scott Lake Community.
  4. I understand that all maintenance assessments and water charges for my property/residence must be paid in full at the time that I am issued a key.
  5. I understand that the condition of my property/residence must be in good standing with the Property Compliance Committee at the time I request and am issued a boat ramp key.
  6. I agree to comply with all boating laws, regulations, and Thurston County Ordinances, while using Scott Lake and the Scott Lake Community Park.