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Community Center renter has full responsibility for rental including clean up, damage to the building and its contents, lost, damaged or missing furniture or equipment, proof of insurance, and locking up. Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in loss of future use of the Community Center, all or part of deposit and/or additional charges. Renter must be a Scott Lake property owner or resident within the community.

Community Center renter is also responsible for ensuring the following:

  • Maintenance assessments including water service and reserve amounts must be currently paid in full. Verification of account status will be made by staff in the SLMC office.
  • Any fundraising activities must be for community benefit only.
  • Rentals may not be used for political, religious, or commercial activities for personal financial gain.
  • Ultimate responsibility for care of the Community Center. Any damage to the building must be paid for by the Community Center renter.
  • Residents within the Scott Lake community who rent a home from a property owner must provide proof of residency and picture ID. Proof of residency and picture ID must be available at all times during the event. All persons renting the Community Center must provide a valid credit card for a security deposit in the event of damages. Credit card must be in the renter’s name. Failure to provide a credit card will deny the renter’s request use of the Community Center. Debit cards will not be accepted.

A Scott Lake representative may be visiting the building during the event. They have the right to go inside the building.

Rentals of the Scott Lake Community Center that involve the serving or providing of any alcoholic beverages shall require a Banquet Permit issued by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. Banquet Permits are available online at and should be ordered at least two weeks before the date of the rental.

Persons renting the Community Center and serving alcohol must provide a copy of the Banquet Permit and proof of insurance covering the rental event. A Banquet Permit must be obtained from the Liquor Control Board online at If the renter’s policy does not include coverage for rental events held at a Community Center, the renter will need to obtain a rider to their insurance policy to cover the rental events to be held at the Scott Lake Community Center. The renter must provide written proof of insurance prior to their rental event.

Scott Lake Maintenance Company has recognized several Scott Lake groups/organizations that are allowed free use of the Community Center for meetings and/or events. This is limited to SLAMS, Garden Club, Happy Feet, Scott Lake Drainage District, Scott Lake Board of Trustees, and HERS. Scott Lake Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs and Scott Lake Golf Twilight League are allowed free use of the Community Center without a paid security deposit. Members of these groups/organizations are responsible for

cleaning up, damage to the building and its contents, lost or missing furniture or equipment, and locking up. Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in the loss of free use of the Community Center.

Board of Trustee prior approval is required for any other event for the benefit of the community. Requests may be made at a Board of Trustee meeting held the 3rd Thursday of each month.
Persons making a reservation request must provide, and have available at all times during the event, proof of Scott Lake residency, picture ID and complete the following information:

Name of Property Owner or Scott Lake Resident:


Contact Phone: ____________________ Alternate Phone: _______________________

Property Owner or Resident Address:


Event: __________________________________________________________________

Date of Rental: _______________________________ Estimated Attendance: _________

Estimated Set Up
Time: _______________________________________

Start Time: ___________________________________ End Time: ______________________________ Rental Charge: ________________________________ Date Paid: ______________________________ Deposit Amount: ______________________________ Date Paid: ______________________________ Deposit Refund Amt.: __________________________ Date Refunded: __________________________

Proof of residency and picture ID provided: Yes____ No______
Proof of Insurance provided: Yes _____ No _____
Proof of Banquet Permit provided, if applicable: Yes _____ No _____

Credit Card for damage/security deposit/key replacement provided: Yes _____ No _____

Credit Card name, number, expiration date, security code: _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

DEPOSIT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION and may be refunded if event is cancelled with at least 30 days’ notice. Payment made by check must be paid at least two weeks in advance of the event date (all checks will be cashed immediately). If payment is not made by two weeks prior to event, it must be either credit card, cashier’s check, or money order. Deposit is refundable within 14 days after the event if all items on the checklist are satisfactory. The Scott Lake Maintenance Company will have the sole determination as to whether the building was left in a satisfactory state. Any unsatisfactory conditions will result in charges against damage/cleanup deposit and/or additional charges. The Scott Lake

Maintenance Company may, at their discretion, refuse future rentals to property owner or resident due to building and grounds not being properly returned to satisfactory condition.

RENTAL FEE IS DUE BEFORE A KEY MAY BE ISSUED and before any use of the Community Center. See below for date and time for key pick up.

  • Rental Fee: $100
  • Deposit (No Alcohol): $250
  • Deposit (Alcohol): $500

**NOTE: Renter agrees to pick up a key to the Scott Lake Community Center at the office at ______________(time) on ___________________________________(date).

RENTAL PERIOD: 8:00 AM on the day of the rental to 10:00 PM. Renter Responsibilities:

  • Obtain a Banquet Permit if alcohol is to be served. Permit must be presented when requesting a key. LIQUOR MUST NOT BE CONSUMED ON THE GROUNDS OUTSIDE OF THE COMMUNITY CENTER.
  • Custody and return of the keys. Lost or not returned key will result in a $100 replacement fee.
  • No use of staples, tacks, or tape of any kind for decorations.
  • Return chairs, tables, pictures to their designated place. Do not drag tables across the floors. Failure to do so will result in an additional $25 fee.
  • Turn off the range and clean all debris from surfaces and oven.
  • Turn off all interior lights. External lights are to remain on.
  • Turn thermostat down to 60 degrees upon departure.
  • Lock all doors and windows upon departure.
  • Turn exhaust fans off.
  • Line trash and garbage cans with liners. Trash is removed from garbage containers in the building and placed in outside dumpsters behind enclosure at back door.
  • Ensure no neighborhood complaints of loud music.
  • All doors must remain unlocked during the rental event.
  • Ensure that no lighted candles or open flames are used.
  • Windows closed and drapes left open upon departure. Window “sticks” are placed in windows.
  • Lock all doors. Try all doors from outside to be sure the locks catch.
  • Ensure that all drink dispensers are not placed or used in the carpeted area.
  • Music cabinet on stage may not be used, disconnected and/or moved.
  • Users can use coffee pots if they are cleaned and replaced. Items in any cupboard or drawer are
    not available for the use of renters.
  • Clean all debris from tables and counters. Then wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • All debris including, but not limited to, cigarette butts, and pop cans inside and outside of
    building is cleaned up.
  • Remove all food from refrigerators and kitchen.
  • Remove decorations from building.

  • Dust tile floors after cleaning up spills and removing debris. Spot clean tile floors using hot water. Do not use any soap or detergents.
  • Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
  • Ensure bathrooms are clean and trash is removed.
  • Place key in outside drop box beside office door.

Please leave the building and grounds as clean or cleaner than you found it.

Note: Deposit will not be refunded until an inspection is done and keys are returned.


  1. If alcohol is to be served, a Banquet Permit must be obtained from the Liquor Control Board
    online at before a key can be issued. The Banquet Permit should be ordered at least two weeks before the date of the rental. A rider to the renter’s home owner’s or renter’s policy will be required if the policy does not include this coverage. Liquor is not to be consumed on the grounds outside the building.
  2. If application is misrepresented including, but not limited to, higher attendance, alcohol use, type of event, noise complaints beyond 10:00 p.m. etc., all of the deposit will be forfeited. If misrepresentation is significant, damage is done to the building or building is left in significantly worse shape than before the event, additional charges including attorney fees will be billed to renter.
  3. Fire safety rules require that all doors remain unlocked during the rental event and that there are no lighted candles or open flames in use, except as authorized under the Thurston County Fire Code. No deep fat frying is allowed.
  4. When the rental event is over, it is agreed the building will be cleaned at least as clean as prior to the event.
  5. The renter hereby agrees to ensure that any caterer removes any and all material used for the rental event from the Community Center within the agreed and contracted rental period, unless otherwise approved by the Scott Lake Maintenance Company. If no approval is given, then the renter will surrender from the renter’s deposit a rental fee for an additional rental day at the same rate as the original day.


  1. Reservation is secure upon receipt of a signed contract, proof of insurance and Banquet Permit if applicable, credit card information as shown below, and payment of deposit.
  2. The Community Center will be presented to the renter clean and ready for use.
  3. Rental includes the Community Center, parking area, tables, chairs, kitchen appliances and equipment, and trash disposal.


Scott Lake Maintenance Company Office

  • (360) 352-4787 OFFICE
  • (360) 584-4453 MOBILE

Renter ___________________________________________ Date ___________________________ SLMC ____________________________________________ Date ___________________________ PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO SCOTT LAKE MAINTENANCE COMPANY

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and will comply with the rental contract and rules for the Community Center.

__________________________________________ (Print Name)

__________________________________________ (Scott Lake Maintenance Company Signature)

_______________________________ (Date)

Last updated March 22, 2019