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Scott Lake Park



The Board has approved on a trial basis allowing bicycles, and dogs on leashes in the park. The trial period for these changes are in effect now and have been extended to the May, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Board, at which time they will review how things went and decide wither or not to make these changes permanent.  While these trial rules are in effect, bicycles must be ridden in a safe manner, and dogs are to remain outside of the kitchen and swim areas, and owners must clean up after them. Please look for the provided doggy bag dispensers and dispose of appropriately.

The park is for the exclusive use of Scott Lake property owners, renters and their guests. All property owners and renters must have Scott Lake identification cards while using the park. Guest passes are available in the office. The park may not be used for business, commercial, political or religious events (exception: Easter sunrise service). Hours of use: Dawn to Dusk (exception: July 4th).

Anyone found to have caused damage to any park property or equipment (beaches, basketball hoop, etc.) or to have engaged in endangering behavior of any kind may be suspended from park privileges by order of the Board of Trustees.

Alcohol may not be consumed in the day use areas of the park. These include the playground and swimming areas. Restrooms will be locked from dusk to 7:00am during the summer. Restrooms will be closed from October 1 to June 1 (may be opened upon request for special events).

Property owners and renters may use the park for family reunions, picnic, etc., without reservation and without charge. The kitchen may not be reserved and must be shared, as necessary. Picnic benches must also be shared equitably.

If any gathering will exceed 25 persons, prior approval for use of the park must be obtained by calling the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office at 352-4787.

No weapons of any kind are allowed. Games that may endanger bystanders are not allowed in the park. Baseball may be played at the playfield only. Tennis has priority on the tennis court.

Motorized vehicles/bicycles are not allowed in the park.

Youths under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult family member in the swimming area.

The area adjacent to the No. 1 fairway on the golf course is posted as a hazardous area and is not open to traffic of any kind.

BOAT RAMP ACCESS: Access to Scott Lake from the boat ramp is controlled by a locked cable. A key to the lock is available for a cost of $20.00 at the Scott Lake office. Lost keys will cost $100.00 to replace. Keys may bot be duplicated or loaned. The boat ramp is for the exclusive use of property owners or renters/residents.

Last updated October, 2013