August 18, 2022 6-7 pm at the Board Meeting will be hosting Thurston County Sheriff – Deputy Kovalas

SLMC Board Meeting on August 18, 2022 – 6-8 pm on Zoom (we are working hard to fix the technology for zoom) or in the community center.

*****We have a guest speaker from 6-7pm**** Thurston County Deputy Kovalas will be in the Community Center for you to ask questions. Each resident can ask one question to Deputy Kovalas. We are limited on time for him so please understand if you don’t get to ask your question, please send to the office email and Dane and i will make sure he receives those questions afterwords.


Community Center Cooling Station

Hot Hot Hot out next few days. Welcome to come into the Community Center and get cooled down. We have books, games, Wifi, and a comfy area. Community Center open August 17 and 18 – 8 am – 5 pm and Friday 8-Noon. Stay cool and safe out there.

****Scott Creek Loop Residents****

The water leak has been fixed, the BOIL NOTICE has been lifted as of Monday August 15, 2022. Thanks for your cooperation in this. Please notify your admin office at 360 352 4787 or if you did not get notification about the water leak and such. Updating our data base will ensure you are kept up to date each time about emergencies, water breaks, etc.


Water repair scheduled tomorrow, Wednesday August 8, 2022. PLEASE be prepared for a possible water shut off after 8:30 am. Our contractor will keep the office updated as to progress, so we can keep you informed. Major water leak close to the entrance of Scott Creek Loop. Please use caution when driving by, as they may have to cut into the road.

Vandalism in the Park

Sunday July 24, 2022 Please use caution around the Tennis court area today. The parking lot by the tennis courts at the park is closed today along with the porta potty by the tennis courts. It was dumped over last nite and sewage has spilled on the ground, Half Moon suggested letting it dry and then we have to shovel into buckets to keep it out of our lake. Also. the handicapped porta potty was vandalized again the hand sanitizer dispenser was smashed.

Vandalism in our Park

UPDATE JULY 18, 2022

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers BJ Jones and your Board member Mike Pierce for repairing and cleaning the bathrooms so they may be re-opened for your use.


Due to recent vandalism to the park bathrooms, both bathrooms are closed until further notice.

June 7th – eggs thrown on walk bridge, at the bathroom building and on the road. The boy admitted to it.

July 4th – newly installed motion sensor lights were taken down and tossed outside. The back of one light was found on top of the building and batteries were found outside on the ground. This was both bathrooms. Women’s bathroom also had some small graffiti on wall by sink. Witnesses stated who did it. When asked, he stated the girls did it. This same teen that did this has also been showing violent behavior at the park by threatening others displaying brass knuckles, instigating fights, and making racial slurs.

Also on July 4th, an intoxicated adult had grabbed a male teen by the arm as he came out of the bathroom and dragged him thinking that this was the kid that had done something. He was mistaken. He had the wrong teen. This behavior is not okay. That teen was scared and shook up but is okay. The parent of the teen is trying to contact the man and the police were also notified.

July 12th – newly installed sensor soap dispenser in men’s room was knocked off wall and also cracked the towel dispenser cover. Again, witnesses stated who did it. He denied it.

Law enforcement has been notified of each incident.

Please remember to respect your park. Parents, please speak to your kids regarding respect, vandalism and that it is illegal to deface or destroy property that does not belong to you. These are children of this community that is doing this vandalism. Remember these are the costs your HOA dues are being used to repair, fix, replace. Please use our common areas wisely.

As a reminder, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Meter Reading Errors

We asked that this message be included with your water bill. NWWS did not include this message so we are posting for your information:

For the month of June, your water bill will only reflect the basic rate (Tier 1) regardless of what was read on the meter.    July, your meter read will reflect actual usage for the month of June.  Please see your newsletter for detailed explanation.

Fireworks and SLMC Update

Unincorporated Thurston County does allow fireworks.  The discharge of consumer fireworks in Thurston County is restricted to 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on July 3 and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on July 4 within unincorporated Thurston County.  Please be mindful of our Veterans who may have PTSD with loud noises, our pets that shake in fright and your neighbors.

The SLMC docks are not to be used to launch fireworks or have fireworks on the docks.    The fireworks melt and or scar the docks.   Please use your park assets wisely.   If we must replace the docks because of damage, the last time we did this, the cost to the community was approx. $11k.    This is how your HOA dues are used.  Please use them wisely.  

Please be safe, protect and use wisely your Scott Lake Maintenance Park and grounds.

****SLAMS WILL BE OUT AT 8 AM ON JULY 5 for park cleaning*** Join us for a fun filled couple of hours. Bring a rake, wheelbarrow if you can, gloves and garbage grabbers to help clean up the park.

Thurston County Fire Chief called to let SLMC know that his paid personnel will be onsite at the park on Monday July 4th evening to answer any questions, assist in safety with fireworks. etc. Providing any fire emergencies elsewhere in the county.

Extra Dumpsters are available in the park during this time frame also.


Extra trash bags will ALSO be set up through out the park.

There will be cones set up appox. 20 feet from shore.


All the docks will be chained off so that no fireworks can be launched from the docks. These docks will be chained off from Sunday until Tuesday morning.

Below are some 4th of July events to enjoy

Lacey Fireworks Spectacular

Sunday, July 3
Rainer Vista Park
4 p.m.

The Lacey Fireworks Spectacular is back in full swing for Fourth of July 2022! Join in all the fun starting at 4 p.m. at Rainer Vista Park in Lacey on July 3. Groove to the music of Beat Frequency at 5 p.m. and Good Vibrations, a Beach Boys tribute band at 8 p.m. Eat your fill of yummy local food vendors and then sit back and enjoy the fireworks, which will start with a bang at 10 p.m. This year, be sure to pick up your free 3D glasses courtesy of Lacey Collision Center for a firework show like you’ve never seen. For more information, visit the Lacey Parks Culture & Recreation website.

City of Tumwater’s Independence Day Parade

See fireworks like you never have before with free 3D glasses at the Lacey Fireworks Spectacular.

11 a.m.
Free  The City of Tumwater’s Independence Day Parade is back for 2022! Happening at 11 a.m. on July 4, this year’s theme is “Aloha 4th.” The parade begins at the corner of Capitol Boulevard and Lee Street.

Thunder Valley Fireworks Show

Monday, July 4
Tumwater Valley Golf Course
6 p.m.
Free entry. Parking $10/car   Thunder Valley Fireworks Show at the Tumwater Valley Golf Course on July Fourth is a fun event for the whole family.   After the parade, head to the Thunder Valley Fireworks Show at the Tumwater Valley Golf Course on July 4.

Food Trucks & Fireworks

Monday, July 4
7 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Cowan and Memorial Stadiums
Free  If you are a DOD ID card holder JBLM hosts

Thurston Talks has more info on Firework displays. 

Water Committee Update

Some residents may experience chlorine odors and taste as we work to adjust the amount of chlorine injected into our water system after repairs to the chlorine pump were done.

Chlorine is injected into our water system to disinfect our water in compliance with Washington State Department of Health (DOH) requirements.

Although you may smell or taste chlorine, the amounts are within DOH limits, but we are working towards adjusting the amount to the minimum allowed in order to minimize taste and odor.

Any questions and/or concerns, please reach out to your Communications Committee or your Admin Office:

or call: 206-941-0484


If you still have colored water, run the closest bib to the water meter for 20-30 minutes. If you have done that, run it a little longer like 45 minutes.

If you have done that and still colored water, take your aerator’s out, clean them and then put back in.

North West Water made a mistake on Friday, flipped a switch they weren’t suppose to, and drained the reservoir.

All wells are working and going.

If you are experiencing any issues, please reach out to the Communications Committee by emailing:

and or call: 206-941-0484