Last Update-Water Break on Entree View

The water break has been fixed. As we’ve said, it’s not necessary to do a boil water notice. This is because we didn’t have to depressurize the system. If you notice some air in your faucets, run the water for a few minutes to flush it out.

Water was turned back on for the community and we’ve been advised that a water boil won’t be necessary. Water has been shut off on Entree View and Bonavista to perform the repairs.

KCL, our water repair company is on site and working on the break. We apologize for the water being turned off, that wasn’t our intention and we didn’t ask for that to happen. NWS was first on scene and decided to turn the water off without approval. We’ve since turned it back on and your water might be dirty for a bit.

Without explaining in total detail, due to not having all the information yet. Some work was being performed on a vacant lot and a water pipe was broken on the SLMC side. We’ve investigated the break and an emergency technician is in route to take care of it. We’re not sure yet if the they’ll repair it totally or just stop the leak for today. If they only stop the leak, a repair will have to occur at some point this week. We just don’t know yet until the tech arrives to let us know what can be done. We also don’t know yet if a water boil notice will need to occur. If you live on Entree View, you might experience low pressure or dirty water.