Animal Complaints

Are you having an issue with lose animals in your area of the community?  Your Scott Lake Maintenance Company is unable to directly help with these complaints.  All complaints must be filed directly with the Joint Animal Services.  Contact information is as follows:

Phone: (360) 352-2510

Yellow Flag Iris Removal

Yellow Flag IrisYellow flag iris is an invasive ornamental perennial that is a problem in many states and other countries. It will sicken livestock if ingested and is generally avoided by herbivores. Contact with its resins can cause skin irritation in humans.

As reported in our annual meeting, having this noxious weed on your property could lead to fines by the county, decreased property value, and negative impacts to the usability of our lake. As such, we are asking for your help in identifying and removing this invasive species if it is found on your property.

If identified, and you are removing this weed, please take precautions, as the saps from this plant can cause serious skin irritations or burns.  Care must also be taken when disposing of this plant.  Please do not put it in the yard waste disposal bin, as this will only cause further spread.  Instead, please place it in a sealed bag, and place it in the standard refuse bin.

For more information, please see the county’s Noxious Weed Control site.

Community Center Comfort/Charging Site

Plenitude Of A Winter Stroll

Plenitude Of A Winter Stroll

The community center has been connected to the fire station generator.  In the event of an extended, community-wide power outage or extreme temperatures, the community center can be used as a comfort site and charging station.  Comfort site hours will be set and monitored by the committee appointed, during the December 2014 Board of Trustees meeting.

It is your responsibility to make personal preparations BEFORE an emergency arises.  Gather essential items and assemble a “bug-out” pack.  The internet has very good suggestions for necessary items.  Have a family meeting, discuss personal preparations, THEN DO IT.

Talk with your neighbors.  Get to know them, exchange information.  Make a plan.  Helping each other is your first line of defense, during a disaster.

Rules and courtesies for use of the comfort site. (subject to revision)

  • Bright green signs placed in two community center windows indicate OPEN.
    • One facing Scott Creek Drive
    • The other facing 114th Way.
  • Due to regulations, no overnight stays.
  • No pets
  • Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Charging stations are for charging, not extended use.
  • Do Not come to the comfort site if you are sick.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others.  Contrary behavior will not be tolerated.

Remember, YOU are responsible for you and your family.  The community center comfort site is just that.  A comfort site.  Bring your prepared “bug-out” pack, with you, should a need arise for the comfort/charging site to be opened.

Scott Lake Book Exchange

BookGlassesFor those that may not know, there is a book exchange library available to residents in the Scott Lake Community Center.  Residents who want to participate can bring paperbacks to contribute to the library, and can take books to read and return at your convenience.  This is not a monitored activity, and is all on the honor system.  The library is available during office hours, which are 9:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Curbside “FREE” Items

Couch In an effort to keep Scott Lake an attractive place to live, your Board
encourages everyone to maintain your yards,driveways and road-side areas.
Recently, many homeowners have been offering free household goods by
placing items in these areas. While we applaud sharing and re-using these
resources, we want to make sure they don’t become an unsightly
nuisance. After 5 days, curbside “FREE” items must be removed
and properly stored or disposed.

Ice Pigging

I can hear the collective question already.  What, pray tell, is Ice Pigging?  Watch this fascinating video to see how your Scott Lake Maintenance Company is ensuring you get the highest quality water.

Street Parking

Parked in the RoadThe numerous vehicles parked on the roads in our Scott Lake community have come to our attention.  Understandably, there are times it is necessary to park for a few hours by pulling off the edge of the road as far as possible.  But a real safety issue exists when all four wheels are on the blacktop road.  Some vehicles are parked on the roadway overnight, sometimes left there for several days.

** With darkness, a car isn’t as visible as in the daytime and runs the risk of being hit by a passing car, doing damage to both vehicles.

** If an emergency vehicle(s) needs to access the roadway, the parked car can be a real threat to the access they need to get through.  This may slow their response time considerably.

Please be a safe citizen and park vehicles in the driveways or parking strips.  If it is necessary to park on the roadway for a few hours, please pull as far off the road as far as possible.