Easter Breakfast


Pancake Pile by rcstanley

The Scott Lake Mens Club (SLAMS) is sponsoring the annual Scott Lake Easter breakfast on Sunday, 4/12/2020 at the community center. Hours are from 8 AM to 11:00 AM.  Adults $6, 12 & under $5, 5 & under free.  All you can eat. The Easter breakfast is the major SLAMS fundraiser for the Scott Lake Kids Fishing Derby. Bring your families, friends and neighbors and enjoy a good breakfast and help support this worthy cause.

Fishing Derby

FishingScott Lake Kids Fishing Derby will be held Saturday, May 30th, 2020 from 8AM to 11AM.  Free registration at the park kitchen from 7 AM to 9 AM for Scott Lake kids and guests age 14 and under. The lake will be planted with trout.  Volunteer boats will be available. Every kid receives a prize. Rain or shine.  Fish cleaning station. It is suggested that each participate have their own bait and tackle. The derby is sponsored by the Scott Lake SLAMS club and supported by donations from local businesses, clubs, fire departments and individuals. Everyone is welcome to watch the kids catch some fish, win prizes and have fun.

Book Club

Please join the Scott Lake Book Club!

It’s free!

We meet once a month, usually on a Saturday evening for snacks and to discuss the current book we are reading.

We choose our books from the Timberland Library Book Club set list, so we don’t have to pay for books.

The Scott Lake Book Club is open to friends and family outside of Scott Lake.

For more info please refer to the Scott Lake Community Family Support Group FB events tab or contact Deanna Ball @360-790-3638.

December Emergency Preparedness – Home Hazard Hunt

All of Washington State has the potential of being impacted by a major earthquake.  Earthquakes strike suddenly and without warning.  When they occur, they cause the ground to undulate and shake, perhaps violently.  Buildings – and their contents – are vulnerable to this rocking and rolling.  Fortunately, experts teach how to secure homes to their foundations, and contents to wall studs.

  • Identify potential hazards that will need to be bolted/strapped: such as water heater, tall furniture, cabinets; items that are heavy, breakable, expensive, precious, and/or toxic.
  • Make a timeline to complete these safety projects.

Watch our videos

For complete information go to  http://mil.wa.gov/emergency-management-division/preparedness/personal and find the Prepare in a Year Booklet and the Getting Ready Home Booklet.

Animal Complaints

Are you having an issue with lose animals in your area of the community?  Your Scott Lake Maintenance Company is unable to directly help with these complaints.  All complaints must be filed directly with the Joint Animal Services.  Contact information is as follows:

Phone: (360) 352-2510

November Emergency Preparedness – Shelter in Place


Shelter in PlaceYour house provides a good first-layer barrier against airborne chemical agents.  Additional protection is achieved by tightly sealing one room of your home that you have pre-designated and prepared.

  • Designate a “safe’ room, one that can be easily and quickly sealed using plastic sheeting and duct tape.
  • Cut pieces to fits windows, vents, doors; store in in a bin with other supplies: blankets, water, snacks, batter-operated radio, etc.

For complete information go to  http://mil.wa.gov/emergency-management-division/preparedness/personal and find the Prepare in a Year Booklet

October Emergency Preparedness – Fire Safety

Fire ExtinguisherAs the weather gets colder, use of fireplaces, wood stoves, electric and propane heaters, and other methods of warming our homes increases.  As we begin using these heating devices, we should all ensure we have adequate protection measures in place in the unlikely event of a fire.  Below are some ways to help ensure you are adequately prepared.

  • Choose a reunion place outside your home.
  • Draw a floor plan; discuss ways to exit
  • Test your fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector every six months (suggestion—when you change your clocks)
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher; learn how to properly use it.

Fire Extinguisher Video

For complete information go to  http://mil.wa.gov/emergency-management-division/preparedness/personal and find the Prepare in a Year Booklet.

Yellow Flag Iris Removal

Yellow Flag IrisYellow flag iris is an invasive ornamental perennial that is a problem in many states and other countries. It will sicken livestock if ingested and is generally avoided by herbivores. Contact with its resins can cause skin irritation in humans.

As reported in our annual meeting, having this noxious weed on your property could lead to fines by the county, decreased property value, and negative impacts to the usability of our lake. As such, we are asking for your help in identifying and removing this invasive species if it is found on your property.

If identified, and you are removing this weed, please take precautions, as the saps from this plant can cause serious skin irritations or burns.  Care must also be taken when disposing of this plant.  Please do not put it in the yard waste disposal bin, as this will only cause further spread.  Instead, please place it in a sealed bag, and place it in the standard refuse bin.

For more information, please see the county’s Noxious Weed Control site.

Community Center Comfort/Charging Site

Plenitude Of A Winter Stroll

Plenitude Of A Winter Stroll

The community center has been connected to the fire station generator.  In the event of an extended, community-wide power outage or extreme temperatures, the community center can be used as a comfort site and charging station.  Comfort site hours will be set and monitored by the committee appointed, during the December 2014 Board of Trustees meeting.

It is your responsibility to make personal preparations BEFORE an emergency arises.  Gather essential items and assemble a “bug-out” pack.  The internet has very good suggestions for necessary items.  Have a family meeting, discuss personal preparations, THEN DO IT.

Talk with your neighbors.  Get to know them, exchange information.  Make a plan.  Helping each other is your first line of defense, during a disaster.

Rules and courtesies for use of the comfort site. (subject to revision)

  • Bright green signs placed in two community center windows indicate OPEN.
    • One facing Scott Creek Drive
    • The other facing 114th Way.
  • Due to regulations, no overnight stays.
  • No pets
  • Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Charging stations are for charging, not extended use.
  • Do Not come to the comfort site if you are sick.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others.  Contrary behavior will not be tolerated.

Remember, YOU are responsible for you and your family.  The community center comfort site is just that.  A comfort site.  Bring your prepared “bug-out” pack, with you, should a need arise for the comfort/charging site to be opened.

Scott Lake Book Exchange

BookGlassesFor those that may not know, there is a book exchange library available to residents in the Scott Lake Community Center.  Residents who want to participate can bring paperbacks to contribute to the library, and can take books to read and return at your convenience.  This is not a monitored activity, and is all on the honor system.  The library is available during office hours, which are 9:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).