Residents – 113th Way — water has been restored as of 5:15 – January 10, 2023. Please note!!! Water will be dirty, please run outside water for 30 or more minutes before inside home.

Please be careful when driving, biking or walking around the entrance to the community on Scott Creek. KCL has left compacted gravel in the area they had to cut out.

SLMC residents.   A leak on scott creek drive at the entrance to the community, across from the store, has developed a leak.   KCL has investigated and water shut off is ONLY necessary for 113th way UP TO 114th way.   This will involve a boil notice for ONLY 113th way residents to be extended until approximately Jan 13, 2023. 

All other SLMC Residents – please be advised that you may have to detour to Divot (down 113th to next SLMC entrance) or the store has graciously allowed up to use their parking lot to get around the work on the street for the rest of Tuesday, January 10, 2023.    

We will keep you updated as the water leak fix progresses.   Sorry for your inconvenience.