Street Parking

Parked in the RoadThe numerous vehicles parked on the roads in our Scott Lake community have come to our attention.  Understandably, there are times it is necessary to park for a few hours by pulling off the edge of the road as far as possible.  But a real safety issue exists when all four wheels are on the blacktop road.  Some vehicles are parked on the roadway overnight, sometimes left there for several days.

** With darkness, a car isn’t as visible as in the daytime and runs the risk of being hit by a passing car, doing damage to both vehicles.

** If an emergency vehicle(s) needs to access the roadway, the parked car can be a real threat to the access they need to get through.  This may slow their response time considerably.

Please be a safe citizen and park vehicles in the driveways or parking strips.  If it is necessary to park on the roadway for a few hours, please pull as far off the road as far as possible.