Message from the Scott Lake Board of Trustees to the Community regarding the 4th of July

The 4th of July Independence Day Holiday and celebrations are fast approaching.  As members of the Scott Lake community, we want everyone to celebrate this important holiday but to do so in a healthy and safe manner.  This year presents us with many more issues than usual, and we want you to be aware of certain restrictions in place for using our community park.

Highlights – more details below:

  • No fireworks from, on or over our docks – all docks will be closed.
  • Approved legal consumer fireworks only in our park and other Community property.
  • Covid-19 Phase 3 restrictions are in place in our park, including masks, social distancing, and limits on the number of people in the park.
  • Restrooms are closed — extra port-a-potties will be provided.
  • Picnic & Fireworks debris – leave no trace, pack it out!  Extra dumpsters will be provided.
  • Community Center is closed until cleaned, disinfected and safe to use – no reservations being taken.
  1. Docks: We have installed new docks at the park – they are already in regular use.  But they are made of a man-made plastic-like material and subject to damage from heat, fire and smoke.  Therefore, the entrance to the docks will be blocked off and no fireworks of any kind shall be allowed to be lit on or fired off from or over the docks.  Please help us protect and maintain our new docks by following this restriction.  SLMC may pursue financial compensation from anyone who negligently or maliciously damages the docks.
  2. Phase 3 reopening: The state approved Thurston County to move to Phase 3 of the Governor’s plan to reopen our economy.  Moving into Phase 3 is the result of all the sacrifices the community has gone through in making sure that we address the pandemic.  It is not a green light to go back to normal. “We need to continue to practice physical distancing, we need to wash our hands and, most of all, we need to start wearing masks as the Governor’s order stated”, said County Manager Ramiro Chavez. “We need to continue to weigh our risks and make safe choices.”
  3. Scott Lake Community Park Restrictions:  There are some significant restrictions on using the park in Phase 3:
    1. The following activities are now permitted in Thurston County: outdoor group recreational sports activities of 50 or fewer people and recreational facilities at less than 50% capacity.  This means our park cannot be filled to capacity – the Board recommends people consider using your legal fireworks at home.  But please do so safely, following fire protection guidance.
    1. Everyone (with certain exceptions) must wear a mask while in the park or in other public indoor or outdoor spaces.  Exceptions include people who are deaf or hard of hearing, while they are communicating, and children under the age of 2.  Children ages 3 to 5 are not required to wear facial coverings, but it is strongly recommended.  Masks are not required while swimming.  Maintaining a social distance of 6 feet is required.
    1. There are times when it is appropriate to take off a mask, such as during solo recreation or recreation with household members. If you are alone outdoors, that’s OK as long as you’re in a position where you can actually maintain 6 feet social distance. If not, wear a mask.
    1. Individuals should — in all phases — stay at least 6 feet away from other people, stay home if sick, avoid people who are sick, wash hands frequently with soap and water, cover coughs and sneezes, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, and regularly disinfect surfaces and objects. Exception: family members who live together may be closer than 6 feet.
    1. Stay home: People in high-risk populations, such as people age 65 or older or with underlying medical conditions, are strongly encouraged to limit their participation in Phase 3 activities.
  4. Fireworks:  Many of the fireworks that can be purchased at tribal reservations can only be set off on sites made available on the reservations, and cannot legally be set off in our park, ball field or other Community property. We have observed many unsafe conditions in the park in past years.  Please limit your activities to legal consumer fireworks and maintain adequate distance from other people to avoid injuries.  
    1. Use fireworks at your own risk.  SLMC is not responsible for any injuries or harm that may occur due to unsafe or illegal fireworks activity.
    1. The Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office has two handouts that can assist in the identification of legal and illegal fireworks:

Legal Consumer Fireworks for Sale in Tents and Stands per RCW 70.77.136

Illegal Fireworks and Illegal Explosive Devices

  • There will be extra dumpsters at the park – please clean up your firework debris.
  • Restrooms: The park restrooms are closed until further notice.  SLMC must develop a plan for safe and sanitary use of the restrooms under Phase 3 and hire a new maintenance person to carry it out before the restrooms can be reopened.  There will be extra port-a-potties at the park. 
  • Community Center update:  the Scott Lake Community Center is currently closed to all public or private gatherings.  We are not taking reservations for future dates, and committees and clubs are not currently allowed to meet at the Community Center.  We will reopen it after we have developed and implemented a plan to clean, disinfect and safely use the Community Center in compliance with orders from the Governor and WA Dept. of Health.

Thank you for helping to maintain a clean and healthy Scott Lake community!