Community Center Comfort/Charging Site

Plenitude Of A Winter Stroll

Plenitude Of A Winter Stroll

The community center has been connected to the fire station generator.  In the event of an extended, community-wide power outage or extreme temperatures, the community center can be used as a comfort site and charging station.  Comfort site hours will be set and monitored by the committee appointed, during the December 2014 Board of Trustees meeting.

It is your responsibility to make personal preparations BEFORE an emergency arises.  Gather essential items and assemble a “bug-out” pack.  The internet has very good suggestions for necessary items.  Have a family meeting, discuss personal preparations, THEN DO IT.

Talk with your neighbors.  Get to know them, exchange information.  Make a plan.  Helping each other is your first line of defense, during a disaster.

Rules and courtesies for use of the comfort site. (subject to revision)

  • Bright green signs placed in two community center windows indicate OPEN.
    • One facing Scott Creek Drive
    • The other facing 114th Way.
  • Due to regulations, no overnight stays.
  • No pets
  • Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Charging stations are for charging, not extended use.
  • Do Not come to the comfort site if you are sick.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others.  Contrary behavior will not be tolerated.

Remember, YOU are responsible for you and your family.  The community center comfort site is just that.  A comfort site.  Bring your prepared “bug-out” pack, with you, should a need arise for the comfort/charging site to be opened.