2020 Scott Lake Maintenance Company Annual Meeting

Meeting Packet

Earlier this year the regularly scheduled Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting had to be postponed as a result of precautions due to COVID 19. The meeting has been re-scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 10:00 AM. Due to ongoing public health concerns this meeting will be held remotely through Zoom.

Property owners recently received through regular mail a copy of the proposed budget. The proposed budget will be on the agenda for property owners to discuss and consider ratification at the meeting on December 5th. If you are a property owner and you did not receive this mailing or would like an electronic version please contact the SLMC office.

For meeting access information and voting designation we ask that property owners contact our office providing their name, property address, email address and telephone number.

Property owner participation in the Annual Meeting is welcome and encouraged. To ensure that you are receiving accurate information, please direct questions to Executive Secretary Caitlin Magee at the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office at (360) 352-4787 or by email office@scottlake.net