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Community Center


Security deposit of $500.00 for weddings and wedding receiptions not serving alcohol and $750 with alcohol, $250 for Scott Lake resident “family events” not serving alcohol and $375 with alcohol, $500 for all other events not serving alcohol and $750 with alcohol must be paid at the time of application. Rental fee (see below) must be paid before a key to the building can be provided.

Rental fee is $125 for “family events” held by an approved renter (see Board Policies). Rental fee is $250 for all wedding events and other kinds of sponsored events. Rental period is from 7:00 AM on the day of the rental until 2:00 AM the following morning. Deposits may only be refunded for a cancelled event with at least 30 days notice.

Rentals include use of the kitchen and equipment. Rentals also include use of dumpsters for disposal of trash.

Renter’s and free use user’s responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Obtain a liquor permit if alcohol is to be served. Permit must be presented when requesting a key. LIQUOR MUST NOT BE CONSUMED ON THE GROUNDS OUTSIDE OF THE CENTER.
  2. Custody and return of any keys.
  3. Any damages to building or contents. No use of staples, tacks, or scotch tape for decorations.
  4. Return chairs, tables, pictures, storage area, etc., according to the diagrams provided or a $25 fee will be charged.
  5. Remove all food from refrigerators and kitchen.
  6. Turn off the range $ cleaning off any debris.
  7. Turn off all lights, except those on the outside.
  8. Turn the thermostat down upon departure.
  9. Lock all doors and windows upon departure.
  10. Turn exhaust fans off
  11. Ensure no neighborhood complaints of loud music.
  12. All doors must be unlocked during the rental event.
  13. Ensure that no lighted candles or open flames are used. (Note: #12 and 13 are fire safety rules.)
  14. Window drapes are left open upon departure
  15. Ensure that kegs and other drink dispensers are not placed or used in the carpeted area.
  16. Music cabinet on stage may not be disconnected and/or moved!

General rule: Please leave the building as clean or cleaner than you found it!

NOTE: Deposit will not be refunded until an inspection is done and keys are returned.


The rental period for the Community Center is from 7:00 AM on the day of the rental to 2:00 AM on the next calendar day. Cleaning must be completed and the Center vacated by 2:00 AM.


  • Scott Lake Board of Trustees
  • HERS Club
  • SLAMS Club
  • Garden Club
  • Card Club
  • Scott Lake Patrol
  • Men’s cards & Women’s Tripoli
  • Scott Lake Drainage District
  • Memorials for residents & property owners. Memorials for other loved ones available for a $50.00 rental fee with a $100 security deposit.
  • Scott Lake Man’s and Ladies’ Golf Clubs, Twilight League and Fire Department (District 11) have free use of the Community Center once each year for social events, except that a $100.00 security deposit is required for these events.


Call the Scott Lake Maintenance Company office (352-4787) for reservations. Rental fees are $125/250 (see RULES).

  1. Renter must be a Scott Lake property owner of a Scott Lake renter/resident with written sponsorship of the renter’s property owner/landlord.
  2. Renter’s assessments must be currently paid up.
  3. Rentals may be to outside groups or clubs when sponsored by a Scott Lake property owner.
  4. Rentals may not be for commercial activities.
  5. Any fund raising activities must be for community benefit only.
  6. Rentals may not be for political activities (except as a place to vote) or for religious activities.
  7. Property owner has ultimate responsibility for care of the Center.
  8. All rental applications must be signed by the Renter and the property owner/sponsor, if necessary.
  9. Any damage to the building of furniture must be paid for by the property owner and/or renter.


Board of Trustee approval is required for any proposed rental that does not fully comply with the above rules.

Last updated May 10, 2004